Sunday, December 6, 2015

Driven To Kill by: Gary C. King

The true crime story of sex killer Westley Allan Dodd--his victims were too small to fight...and too young to die! Includes eyewitness execution report. On September 4, 1989, his unnatural desires had driven him past simple satisfaction to abduct, torture, and kill two young boys in Vancouver, Washington. Undetected despite his record, Dodd killed a third innocent victim only weeks later near Portland, Oregon. But only when he was caught trying to kidnap a child from a local movie theater was he finally taken into custody by police. Confessing to these heinous murders, he was convicted on all three counts and sentenced to death.
I was raised in a true crime reading family. My dad was a police officer before I was born, and I always watched him read True Detective Magazine. With that being said, I use to only read this genre. Driven To Kill is about the child killer/child molester, Wesley Allen Dodd. I remember when they caught him, interviewed him, and I also remember watching his hanging on live television when my sons were very young. I found this book on Amazon for a penny, so I decided to read it. If you are sensitive to graphic details, then this book is not for you. I read it simply to try to understand WHY he did what he did to those poor, innocent little boys. How anyone can hurt a child in this manner, is still beyond anything I could ever imagine. Quick read, graphic, and will make you feel hatred and anger. This book was well written, and keeps the reader engrossed in the details. This book can be found at-

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