Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We Are The Elephants: A Fable Of Our Plight by Dia Virginia Rigden

WE ARE THE ELEPHANTS tells the story of Bennu, a baby African elephant who is kidnapped and taken to a circus far away, where he is cruelly abused by a trainer. His paradise is lost, and his lessons have begun. Beautifully illustrated by photos of the author's own acrylic-on-canvas paintings, WE ARE THE ELEPHANTS is a book for all ages and educational levels, a simple and engaging story with profound implications for the betterment of humanity and our Earth. The story has only begun: Bennu and Isaiah shall come again in a future book of this series of fables for our times!
This is a heart wrenching, and hopeful short story. It leads the reader to feel empathy for these elephants. It is full of encouragement, hope, and gives the clear message of never giving up. Forgiveness is essential in living a healthy life, and passing compassion onto others is understood in this book. I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone who may need an uplifting story. This book can be found at:

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