Monday, January 11, 2016

Witch Child by: Celia Rees

1659. A time of fear and persecution. Mary, granddaughter of a witch, keeps a diary. It begins: I am Mary. I am a witch…

She sees her grandmother hanged, is rescued by a stranger, takes ship for America and finds a place in a Puritan community there. All that befalls her, she records in her diary and as she writes, she stitches the pages inside a quilt for discovery would mean death. The quilt lies undisturbed for more than three hundred years. Then, during the process of conservation, the diary is discovered. Her story can be told.

I really liked this book. The descriptions of the people, and what life was like back then is exquisitely written. The town laws were redundant, and if you were a healer then you were considered a witch. If you were outspoken, you were a witch. If you wandered the near by woods in search of herbs, you were a witch. I cannot fathom the hardships and way of life that was expected from these puritans. I disliked the ending, and I won't say why because of giving it away.This was a quick read, (I know I say that often) and it was a very well written book. I found this book at my local library.

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