Friday, April 8, 2016


Mr. Mischievious, the eccentric recluse of the neighborhood, spends most of his days cooped up inside his house. His odd antics make him misunderstood by all, until one day he decides to come out of hiding and paint the town RED... and BLUE, and GREEN......LITERALLY...... Not to mention everything in it!
I found this author on Twitter, and we were messaging back and forth most of yesterday. He offered to send me his newest book in exchange for my honest review, however, I ended up giving him the wrong email address! I purchased it anyway, due to Scott's advice that he had given me so freely, and he is an author! If no one purchased his books, then he would be writing for free. Anyways, onto my book review. The story follows Mr. Mischievious throughout his adventures of making his world more colorful, by sharing his love of art. The start of this book left me wondering where it was going to end up. It is a fun story, and full of rhymes, and actually reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book. Mr. Mischievious is a very busy man, who is creative and running out of space! I can't wait to read this with my granddaughter. Very fun story line, and a lot of creativity for young minds. You can purchase this cool book at, or you can find Scott on Twitter at

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