Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Freedom's Child by Jax Miller

Freedom Oliver has plenty of secrets. She lives in a small Oregon town and keeps mostly to herself. Her few friends and neighbors know she works at the local biker bar; they know she gets arrested for public drunkenness almost every night; they know she’s brash, funny, and fearless. Written with a ferocious wit and a breakneck pace, Freedom’s Child is a thrilling, emotional portrait of a woman who risks everything to make amends for a past that haunts her still.
Being a female rider myself and having gone to biker bars, which are far more tame than the ones depicted in this book, I found this book a refreshing change to what I am used to reading. Freedom's vulgarness, the way she carries herself, and handles every situation are those compared to as how a man would react. The love and loss throughout Freedom's life with allow empathy, and a great understanding as to why and how she is the person she is. My favorite part in this book was the story about the tree, and how it refuses to die. This book was a good read for me, and I really enjoyed the role reversal. It ends with Freedom finding exactly what she has needed, despite everything that she had been through. I received this book in exchange for my honest, and unbiased review from Blogging For Books.

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